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1591&1592 Fluoroplastic Insulation Wire

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1591&1592 Fluoroplastic Insulation Wire

Product introduction

1.Rated specification:1591-150℃,300V,1592-200℃,300V;

2.Conductor is single or multiple twisted wire made of tinplating copper or bare copper;

3.Insulator is made of FEP or PTFE plastic,and optional colors are red,blue,yellow,green,black,orange as well as transparent;

4.Appliance is of good performance against high voltage,loss in high frequency and humidity,and it provides high resistance of insulation;

5.Good heatproof,flaming resistant,aging resistant,oil preventing,solvent preventing,acid and alkali resistant performance;

6.It applies to internal wire distribution in lamps,electronics and appliances that require requier flaming resistant circuit with high transmission rate.